Teikasaurus Howl (saikoutron) wrote in alan_moore,
Teikasaurus Howl

Moore Introductions/Reviews

Links to some Alan Moore introductions/reviews available online:

Brian Catling's The Vorrh, which you can also hear on Soundcloud

A review of the sequel, The Erstwhile

Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns

V for Vendetta

A review of Iain Sinclair's The Last London

Not a review, but a piece about William Blake, and the poet's contempt of Newton

A piece about HP Lovecraft, from Utopia/Valhall #1

Wanted below is the Introduction to:

Phil Baker's Austin Osman Spare

Colette Phair's Nightmare in Silicon

The soon to be released Folio Edition of The Works of HP Lovecraft
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