Pádraig Ó Méalóid (slovobooks) wrote in alan_moore,
Pádraig Ó Méalóid

More Miracleman Malarkey

A few more odd things about Miracleman have reared their ugly heads in the last coupla weeks. First of all there was this piece on ComicMix.com, A badly written, poorly researched piece, whose only point of interest is its assertion that the rights to a Miracleman movie are being touted about by a Scottish businessman called Jon Campbell. God knows, Scotsmen called Jon Campbell are unlikely to be rare, as is pointed out in this piece.

However, this guy did what I was about to do, which is link up the name Jon Campbell with the information in Neil Gaiman: Prince of Tales about a company called Emotiv having bought the rights to Marvelman from Mick Anglo, and you end up with a music producer who has a site which, at the end of the page, has this: © 2009 Emotiv Records Ltd. And a bit more poking around gets us to this website: http://www.emotiv.info/

So, Jon Campbell, Scottish music producer, is the man behind Emotiv, it seems, and is also the man named by ComicMix as trying to sell the movie rights to Miracleman. So, so far, so good.

Especially if you add in the fact that Mick Anglo apparently has a grandson in the music business.

Now, how does all this relate to the bizarre story that originates from a listing on eBay which says this: "In speaking with Garry Leach recently, co-creator of Miracleman, he tells me there is yet another bizarre twist in the tale. Plans are afoot to completely revamp the character with a new name, a new costume and new artwork but keeping Alan Moore's words! Garry was not pleased to say the least! That mean's it is very unlikely that the original Miracleman comics will ever be reprinted as originally intended, everyone please take note of that!"

Someone got in touch with the seller, who had this to say, "All I know is that plans are afoot to revamp Miracleman, they will change the name, the costume etc but still keep Alan Moore's original dialogue! I have no idea about the other characters but they will probably be revamped too. Garry wouldn't reveal which company plans to publish this comic but apparently they plan to announce something around the time of this year's San Diego comicon so no doubt we will hear something soon!"

It seems there's something going on. Whether it's going to be a good thing or not, remains to be seen.
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